Events & Pop Up Bars – Anywhere, Anytime

We are connoisseurs in the artistry of occasion.

Whether illuminating a brand launch, a corporate gathering or igniting your guests at a private party, we deliver custom event experiences that are crafted from the most quintessential ingredients: elite mixologists, exceptional service and unparalleled drinks creations. These are among the many finely tuned elements that ensure our clients become lifelong friends.



Capturing the imagination and stirring the emotions!

Our tailor-made experiences transport your guests and clients to another time and place through thoughtfully engineered escapism.

Bringing a product to life and delivering its key brand messages through a unique experience provides a highly effective way of launching or marketing a product.

Building momentous affiliations between brands and consumers;
We transform key concepts into brand experiences that captivate hearts and minds.
We seize those magical moments that forge emotional ties between brands and consumers.
We deliver famous first impressions, transforming moments into lifelong memories.



COCKTAIL CONCIERGE™ operates a very low minimum spend starting as low as $1500.

Hire us for Free!! Want to hire us as a cash bar for your event?

If you would like to offer great cocktails, wine and beer to your guests at an event but don’t want to buy everyone a drink, that’s fine too.

We are able to set up and operate a cash or credit card bar.

Depending on the size of the event and the drinks on offer, the service will not cost you anything provided that the pre-agreed minimum amount of trade is reached. If it is not, you will only have to pay the difference between what was sold and what was agreed.

It is extremely rare for this not to be met.

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