Consultancy Services

At Cocktail Concierge we have over 15 years of experience opening world class beverage venues around the globe. We offer a complete range of services to enable you to open and successfully operate your own world class bar program.

The following services are always recommended as a complete package* for new openings, rebranding and for periodic renovations.

For new openings these services negate the need for a highly skilled bar manager or lead bartender during the opening phases of the business, allowing you more time to recruit and/or train the right candidate.

Complete Cocktail Concierge packages consist of the following services:

*Complete Package

  • Cocktail D&D (min. 10 Cocktails)
  • Bar design (highly recommended)
  • Spirit list selection
  • Operating systems
  • Inventory control
  • Media Support (min. 3hrs)
  • Associate Training seminars (min. 9hrs)
  •  On-premise assistance (min. 16hrs)

Complete packages starting from just $11,953

By selecting these services together as a complete package, the remaining services listed below are included without charge.

Service Description Fee
Cocktail menu design and development Classic cocktails re-engineered & delivered to world class standard, contemporary cocktails to retain regulars and aficionados, high conceptual drinks for social media, mainstream appeal and marketing $500 - classic
$1200 - contemporary creation
$2000 - high concept creation
*typical revenue generated for high concept drinks is $145k- $350k/annum
Bar layout design Consultation for improved flow and reduced labour (blueprint stage or improvement stage)

Professional insider’s view of architect design concepts, that are often inefficient in real world service. Example; a luxury hotel brand that we consulted with saved a projected $35m in labour costs (over a 50yr life span of the building) thanks to this service.
$999 per draft
further design & layout consultancy $125/hr
Spirit list selection and design Research and selecting a dynamic range of products to cover a range of tasks Typical cost $20/bottle
*list size dependent
Financial brand support Cash back from suppliers for high traffic items $0
*included as part of “Spirit list selection” service
Bar set up Select & source high quality and value adding bar equipment and tools, including historic and cutting-edge items for added customer value & wow factor $0
*included in complete package
$1000 rendered individually
Glassware Unique glassware selection and sourcing $0
*included in cocktail menu D&D
$150 / glass type
Media support Media appearances, interviews and product content for promotional photography $125 / hr + travel
*minimum 2hrs/day
Operating systems Fool proof systems to create order, cleanliness and consistency, help to maintain standards throughout times of high staff turnover $1500 - new opening
Custom price - overhaul or improvements to existing business will be quoted on individual basis
Product training seminars Spirits, cocktails and bar culture $250 / hr - minimum 2 hours session
$125 per additional hour in the same day
*cost of printed material, supplies and consumables not included
Sales training Sales techniques training and support to increase revenue and reduce labour percentages. Why cut staff when you can teach them to sell more $250 / hr - minimum 2 hours session
$125 per additional hour in the same day
*cost of printed material, supplies and consumables not included
Aftercare Creation of full bar manual with training tools, exams, SOP’s lists, classics recipes for companywide uniformity, bartending skills and techniques. Typically, 130-450 pages, can be used as a reference guide, training new staff, training staff for promotion $0
*only available with complete package, valued at $3000
On-premise assistance Physical on-premise assistance & management during grand opening - acting as head bartender/bar manager during the opening of a new concept $290 / day up to 8hrs
$100 / hr beyond 8hrs/day
*7-10days recommended for seamless handing over to associates
Inventory control Inventory maintenance and control, organisation of inventory for ease of counting & ordering, par sheets for fool proof maintenance of supply levels, creation of counting procedures, & training of staff on accurate counting practices. Includes supplier ordering and waste management $1500

*Travel cost charged at $0.58c/km for all travel away from a single agreed place of work within the city of Calgary.

Provincial, national and International travel expenses TBD.